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I posted these in my personal journal, but I thought I'd post them in a few of my comms so that you all could see what I was doing for so long. I was backpacking/mountaineering in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. I think that everyone should try not showering or changing their clothes for a month and carry around an 85 lb pack the whole time. It really changes your perspective on things.

Drying my socks on a high alpine meadow.

Making gingerbread on Knife Point Glacier at dusk.

This was taken at the top of a high saddle on a glacier in between two massive granite spires.

A saddle below Douglas Peak.

This rock face was called "The Fortress." We attempted a multi-pitch climb on it.

Sunset at The Fortress.

On top of Pedistal Peak.

Also on Pedistal with the rest of my rope team.

Yes. That is me hanging upsidedown in a double overhead heel hook from a 5.9 overhang.

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