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?The basics?
name: Anni
age: sixteen
location: Durham, NC
sex and sexual preference: female; prolly straight
from who/where did you hear about beautiful__mind?: A friend. girlxrain
to whom did you promote us to? (must be at least two people/places): I don't. I mentioned it to a friend on AIM while on the subject of rating comms., but that's it. That's not something I do. Sorry.

3 songs and why: (a) Boy in the Bubble (Paul Simon), (b) The Great Beyond (REM), and (c) Waiting to Leave (Cruxshadows). All have absolutely gorgeous background music and lyrics that evoke really clear images. They're all around awesome songs. Especially that last.
bands/singers: Absurd Minds, the Crushadows, BNL, Goo Goo Dolls, Apples in Stereo, They Might Be Giants, Morning Musume, Paul Simon, Queen.
books: Ender's Game, The Fountainhead, the Anthem, Animal Farm, Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Handmaid's Tale, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Sun Also Rises
movies: Dogma, Spirited Away, Nightmare Before Christmas
article of clothing: really funky, loud, bright skirts
possession: my music
foods: ramen, tea

?your stand on?
abortion: Honestly, I don't like it. But it isn't my choice to make for other people. If that's what a person believes is their best option, all circumstances considered, then they should be allowed to go through with it. It's no one's decision but their own.
homosexuality and gay marriages: Gay marriage should be legal, definitely. Whatever happened to everyone's being equal? If you find someone you love and who loves you, you should be able to celebrate that. Not expected to hide it in shame because you're not a traditional couple. The "sanctity" of marriage and traditional values are just a front for banning it. Marriage, like everything else, has changed. Change is inevitable. Besides, not allowing it on religious grounds is wrong, because it throws the values of that particular interpretation of the religion down on everyone else regardless of their own belief and moral systems. Banning gay marriage would be the exact same as banning interracial marriages. An unfair judgement made on shallow ground.
animal rights: Animals suffer and feel, just like people. Animal testing, animal fur, etc. are a horrible, blatant disregard of that. We may have the power to overtake them, but it doesn't mean we should ESPECIALLY just for when all that's at stake is convenience or something we don't need. [edit] When I wrote that, I didn't take everything into consideration. There's always room for exceptions, in this case, testing for necessities. Sorry![/edit]
censorship: There's a really fine line between freedom of speech and saying things one shouldn't (i.e. something that could cause actual damage to someone). But in general, free speech is an incredible freedom we sort of take for granted here. If someone has something to say, they deserve to have it heard.
intolerance: Intolerance is a bunch of bullshit. Utter bullshit. Especially in countries where everyone's supposed to be equal all differences considered.

?about you?
your someday-famous quote: "Told ya'll." Sort of an inside joke between me and other friends who are insistent on getting out of suburbia.
interests: anime, acting, tech, writing, politics, religion, computers
what is one world issue that is important to you right now, and why? The war, for now. It kind of scares me that the US did whatever the hell it felt like, while having our leaders lie to us about the motives. Whatever it liked DESPITE the UN's disapproval (while using UN sanctions as one of the motives) and even though it meant alienating us from most of our allies. And no one really did anything about it.
what are you the most scared of? Dying alone.
do you believe in fate? Yes. Everything has an unimaginable tiny chance of happening, but it does anyway.
what one lyric would you say describes you? " sympathies are wasted on regretting/why not come with me?/I have to go/I hear the call of something stronger/and it's pulling me away.." - Waiting to Leave

?word association?
right: now
evil: hate
frog: leap
hey!: heya
blue: duck

last words? Ja ne.
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