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something to the affect of that loser new kid

♠The basics♠
name: meig
location: b.f.e bradenton fl
sex and sexual preference: vagina, bisexual
from who/where did you hear about beautiful__mind?: a little bird told me
to whom did you promote us to? (must be at least two people/places):un dos

3 songs and why: lithium~nirvana...the lyrics..are amazing, the tide~the spill canvas...good to scream with all the windows open, comfortably numb~pink calms me down& makes me smile
bands/singers:nirvana, msi, pink floyd, the spill canvas, butch walker, bright eyes, brand new, led zeppelin, kiss, the distillers, the eyeliners, the breeders, green day
books: francesca lia block...all of them, but witch baby& weetzie bat& violet& claire are my favorites, the little prince~antoine st exupery, cherry~mary karr, slaughterhouse five~kurt vonnegut, valley of the dolls~Jacqueline Susanne, the virgin suicide~jeffery euganides
movies:ghost world, rocky horror picture show, almost famous, detroit rock city, requiem for a dream, trainspotting, thirteen, the royal tennenbaums
article of clothing: bra
possession: computer
foods: cookies, frappaciono, chai, celary, artichoke hearts, veggie burgers

♠your stand on♠
abortion: pro-choice
homosexuality and gay marriages: go for it if it makes you happy
animal rights: they have them, they need to be enforced, sometime humans are horrible
censorship: fuck it in the ass with a fucking twelve inch dildo while killing people& dissing the president
intolerance: why can't we be friends?

♠about you♠
your someday-famous quote: which one?
interests: music, reading, writeing, movies, art, acting, web design, photography, sex, friends
what is one world issue that is important to you right now, and why? global warming...because i don't want to fry like an ant under a magnifying glass?
what are you the most scared of? being discontent
do you believe in fate?sometimes
what one lyric would you say describes you? "you're clothes never wear as well the next day, & you're hair never falls in quite the same way, you never seem to run out of things to say, this is the story of a girl who cried a river& drowned the whole world& while she looks so sad& lonely there, i absolutely love it, when she smiles"....i wonder how mnany people have used that already

♠word association♠
right: pig
evil: family
frog: prince
hey!: hoe!
blue: eyes

last words? pssh
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