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♠The basics♠
name: Ashley
age: 16
location: Delaware
sex and sexual preference: Female, Straight
from who/where did you hear about </a></font></a>beautiful__mind?: I was bored and searched for rating communities to see if I would like any
to whom did you promote us to? (must be at least two people/places): one of my best friends, amanda

and lindsay
3 songs and why:

-Ben Harper, Another Loney Day... because I felt that way after I stopped talking to a guy I was talking to...

-The Distillers, City Of Angels... because all of my friends always sing it in the  car, if I'm sad I can just listen to that, and it'll make me happy because I'll think of all the good times we've had.

-Atreyu, Deanne The Arsonist...because it's just a song that I strongly relate to.


-Pink Floyd


-Go Ask Alice

-The Chocolate War

-Kissing Kate

-Empire Records

-American History X

-Fight Club
article of clothing: my atreyu hoodie, deffinatly
possession: all of my CD's, just because music means soo much to me
foods: I love wheat thins, I don't know why lol. They go good with almost everything.

♠your stand on♠
abortion: I think that when a girl decides to open her legs, she needs to take on the responsibility, and the knowledge that once you start having sex, the possibility of having a baby is always there. Abortion, is not a form of birth control. BUT, if you were raped, I can see why you would have one. I wouldn't want to tell my kid that her/his dad was a rapist...
homosexuality and
gay marriages: Love is Love... that's all there is to it. If you have feelings for someone strong enough to make a commitment such as marriage, go for it. It's all on that person. You can't help that you love the same sex, you can't help that you love the opposite sex. It's not something that you can choose, it just happens. I support homosexuality, and gay marriages.
animal rights: I think that animals have as much rights as anyone. Just because they are incapable of doing things that us humans can do, doesn't mean that they should be taken advantage of. Every time I hear about someone hitting their pets, I cringe, because it's just something totally and morally wrong.
censorship: I believe in censorship, to a certain point. People should be allowed to say what they want to say, but taking radio shows off the station and tv shows off the air, people have the right to say what they need to be said. But if it's something completely and totally un-necessary, then don't say it.
intolerance: I don't really understand what this means. I looked around to see other peoples answers just to make sure, I'll answer it like this

not everyone is the same. not everyone has the same beliefs, views, sometimes we can not help the way we are. But everyone deserves a bit of respect for the way they choose to be. Is that good enough?

♠about you♠
your someday-famous quote: it's not my quote, but I read it in a book and love it to death. "Love is never any better, then the lover."- The Bluest Eye
interests: music, singing, hanging out with my friends, writing stories and poems.
what is one world issue that is important to you right now, and why? The war is something that makes me think alot, I don't really think or get involved with debating about world issues, but this involves us, and deserves my recognition. The thought of people coming over here and having the chance of bombing us is quite nerve-wracking, to say the least. It's not something that I really support, but it's not something that I'll rant about either.
what are you the most scared of? being alone for the rest of my life. All I want is to find happiness and love
do you believe in fate? I'm not quite sure. It's a debatable thing. But I do believe that every choice leads to the next thing that happens in your life. It can be the smallest decision and can change your whole world.
what one lyric would you say describes you? "Sometimes it feels like the whole wide world
Has made itself my enemy
But I will stand upon my own two feet
And raise my head up"

♠word association♠
right: wrong
evil: devil
frog: prince
hey!: hello
blue: tears

last words?

  I may not be the most interesting person you've ever gotten an application, nor the most original. Although I do believe I should be able to join this community. I think that I am, in fact, a beautiful person inside and out. I do not associate with people who I don't believe have one ounce of kindness or intelligence in them. There's alot to me, that not alot of people know. People may not like me, because I tend to give off a bad first impression, but if you get to know me, I am a great person. That's it : )

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