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i'm NEW

♠The basics♠

name: Chrissy Brooke

age: 14

location: Bancroft, WV, United States

sex and sexual preference: Female, Straight

from who/where did you hear about <> <>beautiful__mind <>?: i was searching interests, and i looked at the info. for the community, and i am so happy you have a community where they judge on something more important than a pretty face.

to whom did you promote us to? (must be at least two people/places): Livejournal and Xanga


3 songs and why: Blue and Yellow-The Used, it is an all-around great song. Buried Myself Alive- The Used, Bert's voice sounds great in the song. Zombie- The Cranberries, It has very meaningful lyrics.

bands/singers: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, From First To Last, My Chemical Romance, and many more.

books: This Lullaby ( I've read it 5 times ). Harry Potter books are good too.

movies:American History X, The Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, The Notebook, and MANY more.

article of clothing: I love my white long-sleeved shirt with a hood. I wear it as an undershirt and put a dark blue or black T-shirt over it.

possession: Either my c.d player and c.d's OR My favorite stuffed animal - my tucan Fruit Loop

foods: Chinese and Mexican

♠your stand on♠

abortion: I think it's the mothers choice. But, she shouldn't be having sex, and taking chances.

homosexuality and gay <> marriages: I hate when people act like they're against it. Love it love, and there is no stopping people who are REALLY in love

animal rights: I love animals very much, animal cruelty is awful. I think it's okay to own a FEW animals, if you treat them well.

censorship: I think it is ignorant. They have to leave out the word damn in a song, but there are movies rated PG-13 showing people having sex and people saying WORSE things everyday.

intolerance: Not tolerant to the belief of others etc. etc.. I have mixed feelings on this. I think on certain should agree with people. But on things like religion, you should follow what beliefs YOU want to follow, not want somebody else says to.

♠about you♠

your someday-famous quote: '' Don't keep thinking about the past, and worrying about the future. Just go day by day and let fate take it's course ''

interests: Reading, typing, music, chatting, concerts, and talking on the phone

what is one world issue that is important to you right now, and why? The gay marraige thing. I don't think it is, at all, right to stop people in love from getting married.
what are you the most scared of? Dying alone

do you believe in fate? Yes

what one lyric would you say describes you? I'm a wishful thinker with the worst intentions

♠word association♠

right: wrong

evil: good

frog: turtle

hey!: bye!

blue: red

last words? I have many more words to say. But, not enough time to say everything I'd like to. If I'm accepted, then I'll post etc. etc. PLUS..after all of my entries, I finish up with a thought or belief *usually*.
So long and Goodnight **Chrissy**
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