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♠The basics♠
Samual AH
Upstate New York
sex and sexual preference:
Male / mostly women
from who/where did you hear about </a>
</a>beautiful__mind?: </b>Random interest search
to whom did you promote us to? (must be at least two pbaleople/places):
Sent instant messages to Sunita (kingzjewel) and Carrie (music_and_mayhem_666) on yahoo, both of whom use livejournal.

3 songs and why:
::Anmorata, by Switchblade Symphony - Great lyrics. A little morbid, but still beautiful. This is a great band, all their songs are amazing.
::Looking for North, by Sacred Spirit - Not your typical song that is on the "Native American Music" cd you buy in the candle section at walmart. The vocals in this song are amazing, and the whole mood this song creates is fantastic.
::Don't Bother, by Shakira. I love most of Shakira's music in spanish, and her new english CD is good. I love her singing style, and this song seems to be something that I want to say to someone.
bands/singers: Vanessa-Mae, Evanescence, The Dresden Dolls, Enya, The Fray, Royksopp, At The Lake, Capercaillie, Bjork, Sarah McLachlan, Dead Can Dance, Rasputina, etc...
books: I have a hard time remembering these, but two of my favorite are The Family Tree by Carole Cadwalladr and The Burning Times, by Jeanne Kalogridis.
movies: The Interpreter, Adaptation and The Hours. The Hours is one of the best films I have ever seen...
article of clothing: Currently my beanie with the little ball on top from Penguin.
possession: My laptop. I spent so much money on it, and it now contains my photographs, music, graphics, and unfinished projects.
foods: I love lao mien... I could eat it all day.

♠your stand on♠
I guess I think that abortion shouldn't have to happen. If you are having sex, that should mean that you are prepared for the possible consequences. I know there are some special cases, and then I would probably say that it is the parent's choice. I am just astonished at how many people have abortions in the world.
homosexuality and gay marriages: This is sort of a gray area for me. I don't believe that anyone is 100% gay or straight, and I have no problem with homosexuals. I don't really have a strong opinion on gay marriage, it isn't really one of my major world issues, but I don't really have a problem with it.
animal rights: I believe that it is wrong for animals to be abused and mistreated, but I'm not all hippie-like about it. I eat meat, but I try to buy free-range products when I can. Respect for nature and wildlife is in everyones best interest.
censorship: Depends. Censorship of certain content I feel is fine, and even good to some extent. If I have small children, I don't want them to be exposed to certain things like extreme violence, disturbing images, etc.
intolerance: I think everyone should be respected regardless of religion, sex... But people should be able to express their opinions on certain issues. I know that not everyone who is opposed to gay rights is intolerant. It is possible to be against something or someone, and still treat people who disagree with respect. It is hypocritical to say that diversity is the most important asset of modern culture, but then point and scream "INTOLERANCE" at everyone who has a different opinion than your own.

♠about you♠
your someday-famous quote:
"You never listen to me!" I don't have any good quotes... <_<
interests: Spirituality, culture, linguistics, travel, visual art, music, fun people, digital photography, collage, world history, French and Italian, cinema, anything beautiful, etc.
what is one world issue that is important to you right now, and why? Sadly, there are many. I am very upset that there are many genocides and meaningless deaths happening all over the world right now, countries and peoples being devastated and destroyed, and no one seems to notice or care. Chechnya, Sudan, East Timor are all infected with people committing "crimes against humanity", and thousands of people are dying. Apparently the UN said that they would never let genocide happen again, but the world seems to be ignoring these places. Someday I would love to be an aid worker and help people in places that the world ignores..
what are you the most scared of? Rationally? That the US will either get too involved in the war in Iraq (too late?), or that someone will start nuclear war.
do you believe in fate? Yes, but I think people have the power to change their fates... If that makes any sense.
what one lyric would you say describes you? Right now, Good Enough, but Evanescense..

♠word association♠
Handed people.
evil: Wicked looking cartoon faces...
frog: Fairy tale
hey!: Ahhh!
blue: Green.

last words?
Well, I see that this community seems to be dead. Oh well!

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